Hello world! Your millennial girl boss, Sy.M.Ba., here making her very first post. So I’ll start off with the basics.

What is a Millennial Girl Boss?

A Millennial Girl Boss is someone who grew up in an age where they know what it feels like to have to use an encyclopedia for research for a homework assignment but also apart of the same generation where not even 5 years later was able to turn to Google or Ask Jeeves for the answer in the comfort of their own home. We are those girls that was told to go to college because you’ll get a job and be rich only to find out the economy wasn’t ready for an influx of educated black females so that college degree(s) is only that. Someone that is so in tune with themself that the moment bad energy comes their way they remove it because they are protecting their peace at all cost. Simply put, a Millennial girl boss gets sh*t done!

What is this purpose of this blog?

This is a platform I plan to use to discuss all things that millennials go through on a day to day. I want to be a little vulnerable with you all and I hope the content I put out will be relatable and you follow along my with my journey.

Well who is the person behind it all?

I am Sy.M.Ba. I am a black woman. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a soon to be Aunt. I am a professional. I am a natural. I am a girlfriend. I am a friend. I hold both a bachelor and master degree (sometimes you’ll question it because proofreading isn’t my strong suit). I am from Chicago. I love to have fun and just overall live my life but I understand I’m not perfect. I understand I am not for everybody and I never try to be. I love hard and I balance most people out (that’s the Libra in me). As I take you all on this journey with me you’ll get to know me more and more so I will stop talking about myself for now.


“What I require I can also provide” – Unknown

Since we talking raw and unfiltered this is me in my most natural and unfiltered state.

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