Hey y’all! For this post I want to take some time to reflect on my 2019.

To begin, I think the most life changing thing I did this year was my no heat challenge. I went the entire year being a no heat natural. That means I didn’t flat iron or press my hair at all this year. I only did protective and natural no heat styles to my hair. I will be doing my No Heat 2019 post in the new year but to sum it up for the sake of this post… I am not my hair! I am so in tune with myself and learned so much about myself. I became much more confident as an individual because let’s face it natural hair humbles TF out of you (too many twist outs and wash and go’s gone wrong to name). But now, not only are my curls poppin but so is my confidence! It’s crazy what a year of natural no heat hair would do for the soul but I’m appreciative of every day of it!

Next, I traveled a lot more than usual and finally got the courage to get my passport. Though I wasn’t able to travel internationally this year I was able to visit Las Vegas again. This time I went with my partner and a group of friends and had a ball. I then unconsciously went to Denver during 4/20. I loved every minute of this trip and would highly recommend traveling there if you haven’t already. After that I was able to travel to visit my best friends in Austin,TX and Atlanta,GA. That was my first time visiting Texas and I loved it! The culture, the food, the night life. Visiting Atlanta wasn’t a first but I always do something completely different every-time I visit and it’s for sure a great time. For work, I was able to visit Albuquerque, NM for the first time. During the end of this trip I was able to do the Sandia Peak Tramway. I ended my excursions by visiting New York with my partner for the first time and LOVED everything about New York. My partner and I agreed to make it a yearly thing to visit!

As far as career goes, I transitioned from working for a health department to a non profit organization within an university and the change has been very different. I have learned a lot about myself and what I want for myself in a career. I’ve contemplated furthering my education even more this past year more than ever but we will see what 2020 has in store for that.

As far as lifestyle goes, I moved back home this year. This was a huge change for me because I haven’t lived in my hometown for years! Ever since college I would be here “vacationing” (as my mom likes to call it) but always had a “home” somewhere else. This move back sparked so many changes in me. I think when you become a transplant somewhere you don’t really see yourself being long term you live very free because hey what do you have to lose. But moving back home sparked this urge for more in me. Maybe it’s because I have a variety of connections here and I see myself being here long term but I am more motivated than ever to really use what’s left I have of my 20’s and early 30’s to really lay foundations to build a legacy.

This year, I have also gotten into reading more. A friend and I created a two person book club that first started on the premise of talking and drinking wine but has really became a cool outlet for me. We have read about 5 books so far and grown from a two person book club to a whopping three whole people being in attendance. Each book, I learn something new and I think that’s possibly one of the greatest things to come out of my 2019.

If I had to describe 2019 in a phrase, it would probably be the Year of Follow Through. The biggest follow through was starting this blog and allowing myself to be vulnerable. I am a being that enjoys my privacy and being comfortable but 2019 was by far my most uncomfortable and social year. I attribute that to my will and determination to follow through on so many long term goals I always set for myself but never really get around to doing them. I made time for myself this year and I’m a better being for it.

So to close, thank you 2019! Going into 2020, I will be a first time aunt to a beautiful baby boy, I have set financial goals, I plan to own my first property, and excel further in my career. Whatever else happens… happens! What goals have to set this year?


“The universe is calling you to be a little bit braver right now.” – Elaine Welteroth

No Heat All 2019

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