This post was inspired by a fellow blogger. In my previous post I reflected on my 2019 and made a short paragraph about my 2020 goals. One huge goal that I forgot to mention was, no more Instagram (IG)! I know for some people it’s a very easy task but for me it’s probably one of my most difficult goals I’m setting for myself in the new year.

I decided to move forward with the goal because I personally feel as though Instagram consumes to much of my idle time. Its like one minute I am just scrolling down my timeline then I look up its about an hour later. It’s so many things I want to accomplish this year and I honestly feel as though IG can hold me back from a lot of those things.

Another reason for the decision was because I wanted to stop using the excuse of checking up on friends based on their post from IG. Sometimes I fall victim to being that friend that says oh they are living and loving their life just because they seem like it on IG when that’s not always the case. I’ve learned that in order for me to really check in on my friends I need to truly check in on my friends. That means pick up the phone and call or text then opposed to just glancing at their intentional post on IG.

I’ve set this same goal in the past and it lasted for about 2 months. I don’t know what triggered me to get back on it but somehow I did and more active than ever. It’s my goal to eventually give all my social media platforms up and by taking this step I will be almost 3/3. I’ve successfully given up Snapchat and hopefully I can add IG to that list. Facebook will be next depending on my success with IG.

Through my journey, I will periodically let you all in one my progress towards this goal and I promise to be honest and open about it. Anybody else want to take the journey with me? I need an accountability partner.


“But AOL changed my life. Specifically, it changed my social life. To be more precise: AOL gave me a social life. It ignited my social development and expanded my concept of sexuality. Because of AOL, I had imaginary friends that weren’t imaginary. I had elaborate conversations devoid of awkward silences.” -Issa Rae


For my pictures I’ve decided to incorporate some outfit of the weeks into the mix too!Shopping is truly something I enjoy doing. I’m not a brand type of dresser more so a what looks nice on me type of dresser.

Pictured below:

  • What are your staple pieces for the cold weather?!
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    1. I think you’ll find that life without instagram is refreshing and challenging at the same time – but stick to it though! Even if it’s a temporary break, your life will change from it. I’m wishing you all the best! I’m loving that outfit BTW!

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