As I was mindlessly scrolling down my Facebook TL (still going strong with no IG, I even deactivated my account) I saw a picture of a sticky note that said, “remember when you wanted what you currently have?” This question called me out and I felt intrigued to post.

I fall victim to always wanting more for myself and not allowing myself to live in the moment. When I read that sticky note it made me realize a few things:

  1. I am doing just fine! As I reflect on everything I have I remember at one point really working hard towards getting it. I never truly celebrated or basked in the glory of achieving it. I oftentimes get so caught up in what others around me are doing but don’t even take the time to see what all it is I am doing and how much of a millennial girl boss I am actually being.
  2. It’s important to celebrate small wins! Somewhere in life I developed a mindset that has me believing I shouldn’t celebrate what it is I should be doing. Yes, I should be doing it but just because I should be doing something doesn’t mean I have to. I am choosing better for myself with each positive move I make and that deserves celebration because I don’t have to do anything I’ve accomplished thus far. I have to remind myself that It’s OK to celebrate me and be proud of all of my accomplishments big or small.
  3. Idle time is OK! My brain is on overdrive almost all day and everyday so those moment I take to just sit around and do nothing should be encouraged and not frowned upon. The balance of overdrive and idle time is necessary for me to succeed and give my best.
  4. It’s alright to be optimistic about things. I recently talked myself out of being optimistic about something because I didn’t want to get my hopes up just in case it didn’t come through. I then came to the realization that I enjoyed looking forward to it even though it is a strong possibility it won’t work out. But guess what.. it’s a possibility that it will so why deprive myself the opportunity to bask in the what if moment. I also think optimism brings drive because even if this doesn’t play out the way I want it to, I’ve opened my mind to thinking outside of the box and can now work even harder towards achieving my ultimate goal.

Key takeaways from this post: Celebrate small wins , be idle in moderation, and remain optimistic. We got this!


“If you ask me, I’m ready” -Alicia Keys

Since I no longer have my IG I’ll really be posting my random pictures under each post. First Brunch of 2020!

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