As we continue on my 4 week guest blogging with Leave Inspired let’s talk about the Love that Last. This is a love that you least expect to happen. This is a love that you were hesitant about because of your previous run ins with First and Second Bae. This is a love that you notice I still talk in present tense about because it withstood the tests of time and continues to hold true and withstand. For the purposes of this blog and my personal journey with the Love that Last let’s call him Forever Bae.

To start off, I did not believe in Forever Bae when we first started. I’ve known him since freshman year of college but I never looked at him as someone I could be with (I literally at one point only called him when I needed something). It wasn’t until one summer I decided to give him a call on my way to my summer courses that changed it all! We talked on the phone every morning that summer and that was the start of our love story. Although our only communication at that point was virtual because I went home for the summer and he was still in our college town, I was beginning to fall for him and I knew it.

I knew I was falling for him because he was introducing me to a type of affection I was never accustomed to. He showed me that he listened through random acts of kindness. My favorite being him remembering a meal I said I wanted as soon as I got to our college town and he anonymously got it delivered to me at work. He showed me how to be less uptight. My favorite being a time he randomly challenged me to a race outside in the pouring down rain (I won btw LOL). He showed me the importance of being completely up front with a person. The most pivotal example being when he politely kicked me out his apartment because I lied about something petty and then called me to make sure I made it home safe ( yes, I was LIVID but I soon understood he wasn’t one to play the petty games I was accustomed to and got intrigued). He was overall introducing me to a relationship that I yearned for but didn’t know the steps to take to get there.

It wasn’t long after we finally made it official and ever since then we have withstood so many tests of time that should or could have broken us. We have withstood the test of being in a long distance relationship for about 2-3 years. We have withstood the test of living with one another. We have withstood the test of us seeing each other at our worse (yes, he’s saw me cry the UGLIEST of tears). We have withstood the test of traveling with one another (he is actually my favorite travel partner). We have withstood the test of having to rely on one another to have a good time (wingman of the year). We have withstood infidelity. We have withstood my terrible cooking. We have withstood me being his partner throughout every busy season of his career (for all my people that are aren’t familiar with accounting busy seasons THEY ARE NO JOKE and the deadline is 10/15 with my birthday being 10/13).

Throughout all of these test of time none of them have been easy. One reason why Forever Bae is Forever Bae is because he quickly made me grow up and understand that relationships in fact aren’t easy but with the right one worth it! He challenged me to adapt a more mature mindset that required me to communicate effectively about my needs and wants. He fostered an environment that made me feel comfortable enough to not hold back and give him my happy whole self. He helped me see logic in the most illogical situations. Forever Bae made me realize love is not a fairy tale rather a continuous journey and the two people in it need to be committed, consistent, and captivating.

What have I learned?  The importance of being individuals first and partners second. The importance of personal space (after every vacation we take together we have a 72 hour rule that we stay to ourselves for at least 72 hours). The importance of being able to like someone just as much as you love them (yes they are two different things).  When you forgive someone forgive them and don’t continuously chastise them about what they’ve done in the past (sometimes I get in my feelings though LOL). The biggest thing I’ve learned though is that love last when you understand everything is a choice and you and your partner are two individuals choosing to give our whole selves to one another.

Letter to Forever Bae: Two words: THE TAKEOVER!


“I love you 3000” – Morgan Stark

This was after our race in the rain soaking wet!

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