As I close my guest blogging experience I would like to talk to the ladies who are having trouble finding a love. I know as we get older it gets harder to be in spaces with potential love interest so below are my top 5 tips to finding love during your post college millennial girl boss life.

  1. Be open to dating multiple people at once. Somewhere along the way, women picked up a mindset that we should date one person at a time. I completely disagree with this mindset and feel you should be open to dating multiple people at a time to figure out what you even like in a partner. Men do it all the time so why can’t women?
  2. Try Dating Apps! We all know it’s hard finding a partner post college because the access gets more and more restricted once you enter the workforce. Dating apps are a really cool way to intentionally meet like minded people. One dating app that I hear that is awesome for meeting young professionals is Hinge. Their slogan is “designed to be deleted.” Meaning they are hoping you find someone worth having to delete the app for. I have a few friends that have tried Hinge and completely advocate for it and says it’s worth the monthly subscription you’ll pay.
  3. Let that ex go sis! An ex is an ex for a reason! You can not adequately date or seek other people if you still have your ex in the picture.
  4. Identify which standards are an absolute must and which standards you’re willing to negotiate on.
  5. Go into to the dating world healed and as your happy whole self. Just like you can pick up on a toxic person so can others.

Thanks again for taking this guest blogging journey with me! I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey with the three types of love as well as my top 5 tips to finding love. To keep up with me please follow my blog at


“We found love in a hopeless place” – Rihanna

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