If you know me you know Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. Originally, my only reason for watching it was solely because it had a lot of seasons and a healthy episode to season ratio.

If you ask me today, my love for Grey’s is so much deeper (yes y’all I’m talking about a TV show). I say this because I recently reflected on when I binged watched Grey’s. It was a summer I was home from college, was going through a lot of different things, and had so many voids in my life that Grey’s Anatomy ironically filled.

I went through breakups, finding love again, and friendship trials with Meredith. I urged for a person like Christina, a love like Derek, a tribe like the starting intern 5. I was lacking so much in that period of my life and Grey’s got me through every piece of it. I think about the candle scene when Meredith was her most vulnerable she’s ever been with Derek. I think of season four when Burke left and Christina and Meredith literally slept next to each other every night comparing whose life was worse. I think of Bailey being the true girl boss she is not getting the Chief Resident role the first time because the chief didn’t want her to end up like him. Y’all see where I’m going?! It’s so many life lessons on each episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I think just about anyone could relate to.

So of course when I got the news that Karev will officially be off the show I literally reached out to all my friends that are fans of the show and sulked in my sadness. I understand he is a fictional character but I really have separation issues when it comes to television shows. I’m still not OK from Derek getting killed off and that was seasons ago! I’ve been hearing rumors about these last two seasons being the final two seasons and if that’s the case, let me mentally start preparing for this now y’all because I just cannot!

Am I crazy or do y’all also have commitment issues when it comes to fictional characters? If so what characters are y’all the most invested in and why? For me, my favorite character was Ms. Christina Yang. I loved they fact that she went against every status quo that society has set for women to embody. She didn’t want kids, she put her career first before everyone, and she was brilliant! She is someone that every millennial girl boss can look up to if scared about going against the grain or feeling bad for not conforming with societal views. Christina Yang was and still is the best of the starting intern 5!

So until it’s over… I’ll still be tuning in every Thursday with my glass of wine (Or Friday morning) getting my weekly fix of what I feel like is the greatest show of all time!


“Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need. He’s very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are.” – Christina Yang

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