Growing up Black History has always been near and dear to my heart. I was fortunate enough to attend an elementary school in which black history was heavily taught and embraced not only in February but throughout the entire school year. My most profound memory includes my mom and sister testing me on black history facts so that I could compete against my classmates to get ranked in the top 5. If ranked, I’d have the opportunity to represent my school vs another catholic elementary school (I got ranked in the top 5, was able to compete, & we won btw). Looking back, I’m so appreciative of my upbringing and exposure to black culture because it’s definitely shaped who I am today and how I define being a black woman.

We live in a world where we systematically were not set out to thrive in yet now it’s so many young black professionals killing it! Whether it’s entrepreneurship, sports, healthcare, media, law, etc. black people are winning! There are so many black healthcare professionals (clinical and community based) that are helping close the disparity gaps among health issues that African Americans solely face. So many black lawyers that are pouring back into their communities and helping relieve legal burdens that historically hold blacks back. So many creatives in the media either excelling in their music careers, starting podcast, or blogging (humble brag on myself). So many people staying away from the 9 – 5 and being their own boss. We are literally living our everyday lives as our ancestors wildest dreams and I must say I’m truly inspired!

My partner and I have this conversation all the time about how it’s no other race like the African American race. We find humor in everything (Black Twitter is UNDEFEATED!) We work hard and come for everything that is ours for the taking. We have a confidence about ourselves that is unmatchable. We have manes that are so versatile that can be locked, braided, curled, waved, or even straightened. We have skin that glistens and is all shades of brown. We have a variety of different slang that varies by the state you are in. We even oftentimes have the ability to make something out of nothing.

So this month, I want to celebrate us! I want all my millennial girl bosses to be the blackest you’ve ever been this month. I want everyone to give your credentials but always make the first one, a black woman and understand you were valid from the moment you mentioned that. I want everyone to compliment their fellow black queen or king this month. I want everyone to SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESS! I can’t stress this enough and I’m honestly sometimes guilty of not doing this myself. I even want everyone to think beyond this month and unapologetically give your happy whole black self in any room your enter! PeriodT!

Sy.M.Ba, BLACK WOMAN, MPH, CHES, MGB (Millennial Girl Boss)

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