Let’s Talk Natural Hair – Sy.M.Ba Edition

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Hey y’all! I’ve been going back and fourth with possible ways to incorporate natural hair into my blog so here it is: Let’s Talk Natural Hair – Sy.M.Ba Edition! These will be weekly or bi weekly (depending on my commitment honestly LOL) post that will include natural tips I have picked up along the way, product reviews, frustrations, etc.. I really just want to talk about all things natural black hair.

To give a little background I have been natural all my life (never had a perm or relaxer). At one point I considered myself a mostly straight hair natural (hair was straightened 75% of the time) but since then I have transitioned to a mostly no heat natural (utilizing styles where I don’t use heat in my hair 95% of the time). During the entire year of 2019 I went completely heatless and straightened my hair for the first time just recently in January 2020.

To describe the texture of my hair, I have a finer thinner texture that can sometimes be clumped into the 3C/4A hair type. I have dyed my hair in the past but currently working on growing that color out.


“Reclaiming our curls is a metaphor for reclaiming the parts of ourselves that we spend years killing off with actual irons and chemical relaxers.” – Elaine Welteroth


This is a clip from a video I shot with hopes of vlogging about my experience but the pup Kash was not having it! He humbled me and made me realize I was a blogger not a vlogger so here we are!

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