Hey y’all! Today I want to talk a bit about something I think millennials tend to do a lot these days: job hop! One thing I love about my millennial girl bosses is that we know our worth and the moment we feel unappreciated we move around. Coming from someone that has not stayed within a career for longer than two years trust me I know. So today I want to talk through securing the bag long term, how to explain job hunting in interviews, and overall encouragement on your job search.

So first thing first: SECURING THE BAG! I don’t say this thinking short term rather long term. We come from a generation where our parents had so much loyalty to their companies so they are reaping the benefits of that through retirement. Then you have us, a generation that has no loyalty to a company and protecting our peace and mental health at all cost. That comes with its perks but it also comes with its downfalls and the biggest being retirement funds!

One thing I’ve learned from my job hopping chronicles is to to transfer balances from my existing 401K’s instead of withdrawing the funds each time. We have all been guilty of this by satisfying those short term wants and neglecting those long term needs. Truth be told though, the taxes that are being taken out on both the front and back end aren’t even worth it. Just transfer that balance to your new account and let it continue to grow you’ll reap the benefit more in the long run.

The next big thing is explaining that unstable resume if asked in an interview. The one question that is common is, “why are you interested in leaving your current job?” The biggest mistake people make is they either completely bash their current company or they give some fairytale excuse that isn’t believable. I think the best thing to do is give enough truth but don’t incriminate yourself or your employer. Something that has worked for me is, “I am a very driven person in which I have a strict 5 year plan for myself. After reflecting on that plan, although my current job is fulfilling me in a multitude of ways, it’s not aligning with my strict 5 year plan I have set for myself.”

What you do with this statement is three things: express gratitude for your current job, show your dedication to the advancement of your career, and most importantly answers the question at hand. I know sometimes the real reason we leave jobs is because the work environment is toxic or you feel the role is beneath you but the desired new employer does not need to know that. Instead, understand your gaining some sort of experience from your current job so before interviewing, identify those transferable skills and highlight them throughout your interview because honestly that’s what matters the most in the end.

Lastly, I just want to give overall encouragement to anyone trying to change careers or going through the interviewing motions. I think the most motivating post I see on Facebook are those post where people highlight the fact that they are 40 and just accomplished a lifetime goal in life & you know what that’s fine! No matter how old you are or where your at in your life continue to persevere because it’s happiness at the end of the tunnel. Also, for those people that are currently interviewing, stay motivated! Don’t let one no make you feel less than or discourage you from following a dream or passion. A good friend once told me, “ Just when you think you are being buried, youre actually be planted.” So stay motivated and remember you were born enough!


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Black turtle necks is my favorite winter staple.

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