Let’s Talk Natural Hair – Making Your Silk Press Last!

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Hey y’all! Today I want to talk about making your silk press last! If your hair is anything like mines, you can only truly wear it down for a good 3-5 days and that’s pushing it. By day 5 my hair is for sure ponytail hair and super greasy.

In efforts to get my money’s worth I utilize straight hair styles that work on old silk pressed hair. Some of my favorites are the half up half down look, a high bun, a middle part ponytail, or two flat twist pinned up. I typically do these the entire week after. To lay my edges I use a edge control instead of gel because gel curls my hair right back up. I’ll make a later post about my go to edge controls.

High bun look after a full day. Don’t mind the circle I’m breaking out like CRAZY!

The week after my other styles, I’ll wet my straight hair (literally part my hair down the middle and put my head under the sink). Then I’ll add a little product and do two flat twist. I typically keep the twist in for a full day so that when I take them down they are completely dry. The outcome is so nice and the curl pattern is a bit more softer than if you were to do a twist out on non stretched hair.

How my flat twist typically looks when I partially wet my straight hair.
The outcome from my flat twist trick on straight partially wet hair.


“Black Woman’s biggest hair problem is that they think their hair is a problem.” -Unknown

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