Hey Y’all! Today I want to talk about something that I feel has been my every day reality… living life uncomfortably. It’s personally important for me to elaborate on this meaning because a lot of people like to interpret uncomfortableness as something that is negative but in fact it’s quite the opposite.

Moving back to my hometown was very pivotal for me in my millennial girl boss journey. I came back home more motivated than ever to hit the ground running in multiple aspects of my life I continuously procrastinated on. I started a career that was completely out of the scope I was familiar with. I made steps at establishing health care providers that not only fulfilled my health needs but also my cultural beliefs as a black woman. I removed myself from social media (IG) and started this blog being more vulnerable than ever. I began reading more and opening my mind to different genres of books. I explored new friendships that are actually still thriving as I type this post. I started my real estate journey and began actively making tangible steps at securing my first multi-family investment property.

As I was taking all of these steps so much uncomfortableness came as a result. In starting my new job, I had to learn a variety of new skills that weren’t naturally coming to me like they were before. In establishing a health care provider that culturally fulfilled me, I was made aware of an illness I’ve had that no other physician had ever even mentioned yet had all the same information. In starting this blog, I have internalized anxieties about sharing it widely within my social circle because of the judgements and critiques of my vulnerability that come with it. As I began to read a more diverse set of genres, I began to realize reading for true comprehension is a task for me and I need to give my full attention to it in order for me to fully understand and take in what I am reading. As I explored new friendships, I had to go through the new friend woes and learn those friends like I did my older friends. As I started my real estate journey, I began to struggle with not being an expert at something and learning how to be ok with that.

All of these things though proved to me that uncomfortableness is needed to grow. As I began to navigate through all of these steps instead of shrinking because of the uncomfortableness, I began to expand. I began to learn more about myself and my abilities. I began to be ok with not knowing everything and actively learning from the people that had knowledge to share. I began to activate abilities in myself I never would have imagined I had nor wanted. I began to be a listener and not just the talker. I began to be the most strategic in the room opposed to trying to be the smartest in the room. Overall, I began to unlock things in myself that I needed to take me to the next levels of my life.

Some of these next levels including building my expertise on real estate so I can secure a property to begin my journey in creating generational wealth. Taking control of my health and identifying areas in which I can improve so I can live healthy and free from as many health issues as possible. Growing my tribe and including new people that motivate me to be the best I can be. Building my professional resume with skill sets that will one day lead me to my dream job. Reading novels that challenge me intellectually and help me on my journey to greatness. While all the while, continuing to use this blog to be vulnerable and help people learn with me so when I finally get the courage to share it widely across my social circle you can read all about it (Claiming it will be soon).

So for all of my millennial girl bosses that are going through something right now that you feel is uncomfortable I challenge you with one thing: learn and grow from it. You never know what skill or lesson was required of you to reach your next level in life. Don’t look at uncomfortableness as negative, find the positive and use it for your advantage!


“A life of constant comfort and stability—without any fears or insecurity—simply does not exist for me or for anyone. My heart, mind, and soul were searching for a place in life that did not exist: comfort.” – Sarah Jakes Roberts

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