Farewell Alex Karev SPOILER ALERT!

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So let me start with this, I did not like how they said farewell to Karev! I feel like it was predictable and he deserved more seeing as he has been with them since the inception of the show.

To start, I have never been a fan of Izzy. I think she was toxic in many ways and honestly did not deserve Karev. Although Karev was an ass most of the time, when he loved you he loved you and that was clear. The way Izzy left him then tried to come back after all that time was so annoying. I was honestly happy when he said no thank you and they got rid of her for what I thought was for good up until this episode.

I really liked him and Jo’s relationship because they were truly happy. They were the two people often counted out but made it happen and didn’t let their childhood environment be detrimental to their futures. They prevailed and became a kick ass power couple that I wanted nothing but the best for! They equally were there for each other through everything and allowed each other to be vulnerable. They created spaces for each other to grow into the best version of themselves and for that I fell in love with Karev as a character.

So I think that’s why I’m so disappointed because of how far Alex has came. Going back, Alex was the jerk that wanted to be a plastic surgeon and succumbed to picking up Marks cleaners because of it. He stole surgery after surgery from people and didn’t care. He was even the reason Grey and Derek almost didn’t get Zoila because he told on Grey when she tampered with the Alzheimer’s Trial and caused all those issues with her and Derek.

Despite all that though, he stepped up when people needed him the most. He became Meredith’s person when Christina left. He brought all those kids from Africa to get pro-bono surgeries after convincing that mean old rich lady to leave all her money to the cause. He let Webber trick him into giving up once in a lifetime surgeries because he felt bad for him. He stepped up as Chief and actually did a great job at it doing things that even Webber nor Bailey even thought of. He was just so awesome and evolved to one of the most sought out interns of them all and it was proven when he got an offer from Hopkins that even Christina didn’t get!

In efforts to think positively though, I’m happy that he’s happy and they gave his character closure. They even gave us some closure with Izzy as well because we know now how her story ends. I just would’ve preferred if we would have gotten to actually see them instead of those letters and hearing his voice but we can’t get everything I guess.


“ Maybe I’m a pig. Maybe I’m an ass. Maybe I’m a vermin like everybody says, but I tell the truth. It’s the one thing I got going for me.” – Alex Karev

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