Item of the Week: Wild Fable Front Split Dress

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Hey Y’all! I probably need to change this to Target Item of the week because it seems like all of my items come from Target LOL. This week I want to talk about my Wild Fable Women’s Long Sleeve Mock Neck Rib Knit Midi Dress. I got this dress in both Black and White Striped and Rust.

I got the Black and White Stiped dress for $14.00 and the Rust dress for half of that at $7.00 from the Chicago Peterson Ave Target location. I’m unsure why Target had the cost so drastically different for each color but needless to say I still got both of them.

My initial thoughts of the dress is, I LOVE IT! This was an impulsive buy for me because I typically don’t do long dresses but I must say it exceeded my expectations. The dress is so versatile and can either be dressed up or down. You can even transition the dress from winter to spring easily by paring it with different shoes and jackets. I’ve recently got into wearing Air Jordan 1 gym shoes and I think this dress will pair well with them during the day and paired with booties for a night on the town. The split in the front is a little higher than I thought it would be but it works and can still be dressed business casually.

Overall, I love the dress and so happy I invested in it! As I was searching for it to link the dress to this page, I got a chance to browse through some of the Target spring dresses and I can’t wait to indulge y’all! Is it anything in particular you all want to me try?


“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” —Hubert de Givenchy

Dressed it up and paired it with some cheetah booties and my go to Coach Fanny Pack
Dressed it up and paired it with some cheetah booties and my go to Coach Fanny Pack
Paired it with an oversized cardigan and burgundy tights for work.

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