Sy.M.Ba. Takes On…Chicago Wine Fest 2020

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Hey Y’all! I want to start a segment about my many explorations being a millennial girl boss in Chicago! This segment will include my review on events I’ve attended that were held in the Chicagoland area. Most of them will probably include drinking but I’ll try to keep it diverse.

In this post, I’ll talk about the 2020 Chicago Wine Fest where I got to try a variety of different wines. The event was held at Moe’s Cantina in the River North Area. I paid about $20 for the ticket when they had a super early bird special but closer to the date the tickets went up to about $45 plus taxes and fees and then eventually got sold out.

To start, as you walked in your ID was checked of course and then you got your ticket scanned. After that you received your cup and tearable coupons that were redeemable for other events the organization was hosting. After that, the madness began! You were met with mimosas at the door and instructed about coat check being in the basement. I didn’t get my coat checked so I’m unsure if it was free.

This event is not for the weak!! It was unlimited wine everywhere y’all! If you’ve never been to Moe’s Cantina the place it huge! It has two different floors and it was wine on literally all of the floors! Overall, the venue was nice! Although this was a sold out event, it didn’t seem too packed! They had booths that were on a first come first serve basis and allowed for guest to inter mingle because the booths were pretty big if you had a smaller group.

As far as food goes, they had cash only food options for a chicken or cheese quesadilla for about $3 and pulled pork sandwiches you could purchase with cash as well. I ended up getting the chicken quesadilla and they were OK. I do suggest that if you are thinking of doing one of these events, do breakfast before hand!! The unlimited supply of wine can get overwhelming for an empty stomach!

The event also provided free box water to all guest and a cheese and fruit plate. I opted out of the cheese and fruit plate but the box water was really cool and I was grateful for it by the end of the night! They also had an area where you could get your picture taken by a photographer for free.

As for the wine, boy did I indulge! As mentioned, the supply was unlimited so you basically just walked up to the bar and told them what you wanted and they poured you some. You could go up as much as you liked and the pours were a size-able amount. The wine was non stop and a multitude of different types so if you are going to this event pace yourself because you can get drunk easily! The event was held from 12-4 and the wine was available all that time! I don’t think you could actually purchase the wine if you liked it but they did have the bottles displayed so you can see it and snap a picture if you liked. They even had a few ciders and hard seltzer drinks sprinkled sporadically among the wine if you are into those.

All in all, great event! I would highly recommend getting your tribe together to indulge in all things wine! Super cute venue, lots of wine, and a diverse group. If you are going, I highly suggest ubering because you will leave drunk! If you are interested in attending one the next one is April 25 and tickets can be purchased here.


The mimosas we were met with a the front door and the coupon sheet.
This was actually one of my favorites I tried!
This was pretty much what every bar looked like!
This is the top level of Moe’s Cantina.
This is the top level of Moe’s Cantina.
We met a group of cool ladies that sat at the booth with us.
Finally made it home. My tights got ripped, I have a cool towel around my neck, and I’m near the toilet so you know what happened next. Chicago wine fest you owe me nothing!

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