Let’s Talk Natural Hair- Ponytail Season!!

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Hey y’all! Today I want to talk through one of my favorite additions to my no heat journey, my Heat Free Hair Draw String Ponytail. Y’all!!! This ponytail gets me together ALL the time! I have both a curly and blown out one. They are so versatile and can dress any outfit up.

One of my biggest apprehensions going into my no heat journey last year was how I would wear my hair going out. I was so used to wanding or straightening it for these events but that wasn’t an option when I was going heatless. I also at that point had not perfected my twist out so I didn’t feel comfortable doing a twist out (different story now).

From this, I did some research and found my draw string ponytail. At first I was really apprehensive about it because hey what’s the first thing you think of when you hear draw string ponytail? For me it was those initial thoughts of those non blending ponytails that didn’t last too long. After I experienced this ponytail though, those thoughts quickly changed.

The ponytail is super easy to put on and rather comfortable once positioned right. My favorite style is a middle part low ponytail with the for Koils ponytail and a high ponytail with the blown out ponytail. I haven’t really played around with different styles but the company does show different styles you can do on the website.

I do though have to give a warning, you get what you pay for! For all of the greatness that it offers it is an investment. I paid about $200 each for both of mines but I would totally recommend it because you get your money’s worth. The company does have sales but not frequently. I think the best one they do is around Black Friday where you get about 25% or 30% off.

If you are trying to decide about the length and thickness of the ponytail you want. I went with the 18’ everyday full for my blown out ponytail. For that one I probably could have even gotten that one a little thinner but over time I’m sure it will thin out and be perfect. For my ‘18 For Koils ponytail I got an ultra full one because I was going for a fuller look starting out. Now, I’ll probably invest in a 18’ everyday full because I’m beginning to like the everyday fullness even more and I personally think you’d be able to do more with that one because it’s less hair.

All in all, great product… I highly recommend Heat Free Hair For Koils Drawstring Ponytail and the Blown Out Drawstring Ponytail. Do you have any other draw string ponytails that you are liking right now?


“I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense, it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair.” – Tracee Ellis Ross

For Koils ponytail with two braids in the front
For Koils ponytail
Side view of for Koils ponytail
For Koils Ponytail
When I first got my For Koils ponytail
Wore it all while in Vegas and this is even its freshly washed
By that night this is how it dried
So easy to just take off and go to sleep! The straight part is the part I wrap around my ponytail to hide the draw string and tracks
Blown out ponytail
Blown out ponytail with wand curls
Blown out ponytail with wand curls.

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