Let’s Talk Natural Hair – Wash & Go on Damaged Hair

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Hey y’all! I’m here today to talk about something that I refused to do for a long time after the first fail…. a wash and go! I’ll be the first to say, wash and go’s are not for people that have a lot of heat damage! I say that because it mostly just ends up being a big puff by the time it dries and no amount of product can change that.

When I first started my no heat journey I was very experimental and tried a wash and go. Y’all! When I say it was trash…. TRASH!!! Like I’m embarrassed just thinking about it. My hair when I first started had a LOT of heat damage in the front of my head from my leave out when I used to get sew ins. Due to this, I had little to no curls in that section. The rest of my hair though, has always maintained a good curl pattern but was hidden underneath the big puff of what was my heat damaged hair.

In efforts to be able to do some iteration of a wash and go I started to do a half up half down with a bun at the top to hide my damaged hair. This style is my go to when I’m in a rush and want to do something a little different but don’t have time to let a twist out dry. I haven’t figured out how to make it last longer than two days but it definitely is cute for my on the go curly haired millennial girl bosses.

To achieve this look the products I use to maintain my curls are Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls, Aunt Jackie’s Quench Moisture Intensive Leave in Conditioner, and NaturAll’s black castor oil growth serum. To slick my edges down I use ECO Style Gel with Argon Oil.

I vowed to myself I’d try a wash and go this summer because I’m starting to see a curl pattern again in the front of my hair and the last time I did a half up half down bun wash and go look my curls were so cute! What are some of your wash and go tricks for damaged hair sections?


“I feel that the kinks, curls, or tight coils in Afro hair is beautiful and unique. No other race on this planet has hair like ours – that makes me proud.”
– Monica Millner

Most recent wash and go half up half down bun look. Y’all see those curls?!
Most recent wash and go half up half down bun look. Y’all see those curls?!
First wash and go fail. This is before it fully dried.
Looking like Lion King himself after it finally dried!The bottomless mimosas couldn’t even help me! LOL

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