Keeping it Real….Estate: The Waiting Game!

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Hey y’all! This will be a quick update as I am still waiting! Still waiting for potential multi family units to hit the market. Still waiting to see if one of our offers will be accepted. Still waiting to be amazed by a property worth putting another offer in on. Y’all see the commonality… waiting!

One thing I learned in this initial process is, patience is key! If you are anything like me you like for things to happen and the quicker the better! For real estate that really isn’t the case. You are waiting on the market and to see something that is a good financial deal for you.

In efforts to remain optimistic I’ve decided to think of the positives that come from waiting. One positive being I’m able to really set myself up financially and credit wise for when the right time comes (Claiming it). Another is I’m able to keep my options open whether I like it or not. I have heard that the spring and summer months are the time when the market transitions to a buyers market and I’m hoping that works in my favor as we head into the spring.

If anyone out there is currently going through the same process as me, stay motivated! The perfect home will come to us and the moment we step foot in it we will know. Happy hunting!


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