Let’s Talk Natural Hair – Twist Out Edition

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Hey y’all! Today I want to dive right into a new twist out routine I tried last weekend. To be completely honest with y’all this experiment started as a rod set that my friend inspired me to try… EPIC FAIL! In the process, I got so frustrated and just ended up doing a twist out with more twist than usual and the results were LIT! Find all the details below.

Step 1: Wash or Co-Wash your hair. I’ve never personally saw the difference in results of freshly co-washed or regularly washed hair but I do know that when my hair is regularly washed sometimes it takes a little longer to dry. This time I did only co wash my hair using Aunt Jackie’s Coco Wash – Coconut Milk Conditioning Cleanser. I’m not sure why it’s so pricey on Amazon but I got it from Marshall’s for $7.99.

Step 2: Add Product. If you want a more softer or fluffier turn out, I would use your preferred mousse and leave in conditioner. I used Aunt Jackie’s Quench, Moisture Intensive Leave-in Conditioner, and The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam. I will though warn you that if you are wanting a more long lasting style I would add some gel to the mix because with only the mousse and leave in your curls will be very soft and once humidity hits it will get bigger and bigger. I personally prefer volume over definition so I oftentimes ditch the gel.

The two products I use for a fluffy outcome with the perm rods I thought I was about to use. Wine is optional LOL.

Step 3: Detangle. I typically section my hair in two sections down the middle because I have a finer texture of hair and it’s fairly easy to comb through my hair. I’ll add my product then use a denman brush to comb through my hair with my product already in.

Step 4: Twist it. So I prefer to do flat twist. I’ve seen people do single two stand twist but for my texture of hair the twist always turns out much better for me if I do flat twist. I typically only do two but this time I did about 8 of them and I loved the results. The more twist you have the more definition it will be! For my ends, I did a finger coil so that they can maintain a natural curl pattern. If you are transitioning and can’t quite finger coil yet, you can use a perm rod on your ends to get a good curl.

Step 5: Let Dry. This is very important for a defined twist out. I typically have to leave my twist in for a full day but for this twist out I only left it in over night. All of my twist were dry except one and you can tell the difference in the picture below. I will say that when you use more twist your hair does dry a LOT quicker. The one twist that didn’t dry was one of my bigger twist so that’s why it took a little longer. When you don’t let your twist out completely dry your curls will frizz easily and it won’t be as defined.

In the back middle you can tell which part didn’t dry (yellow arrow if you can’t tell) because it is less defined. Still cute but definitely not as defined as the dry twist.

Step 6: The take down. So I don’t do anything fancy when I take my twist down. I’ve heard of people adding oil to their fingertips when taking twist down but I never do. I typically just take the full unconnected twist apart at the bottom and then gently take the twist down that’s on the top connected to my root. This is kinda hard to describe but this video will show you exactly what I mean. Fast forward to the 2:50 mark.

Texture shot! Day 1 hair!

Step 7: Style. So for me when I do my flat twist I do them in a way I want my hair to lay in the final outcome. Meaning if I want a middle part I will part my hair in the middle and twist around that. Once all twist are down I’ll put my fingers in my scalp and gently pull a tad for volume. I’ll also pull apart some of my curls. I try my hardest not to touch it to much because the curl pattern can only be manipulated ever so often. I’ve heard of people who pick out their roots a little for volume but I only do that for wash and go’s. For how to pick properly this video from Naturally Curla will help with that just fast forward to the 5:17 mark.

Step 8: Maintain the Curls. So typically by day three my hair is really big and my front curls don’t last as long as my back curls so I’ll do a some up some down style on day 4. Overnight I’ll sleep with a pineapple and a scarf around my edges with a bonnet over it. To tie up my pineapple I use a satin ponytail holder. The next day when I take my hair out of the pineapple, I typically just let my curls fall how they want but this time I actually took a shower without a shower cap and let the steam from my shower revive my curls and I loved the outcome!

Day 3 curls in a pineapple!
Day two curls fresh out the shower and the part that didn’t dry all the way is even more prominent the second day around.

Day 1 hair
Day 2 hair & sneak peak of my next item(s) of the week
Day 3 hair and you can see my front curls already cutting up on the end.
Day 4 hair


“You may be amazed that you are still unique and beautiful as your natural self. Only you can decide if this style is for you.” – Monica Millner

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