Item of the Week: IVY Park

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Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve done an item of the week. This is mostly due to the fact that COVID has me only wearing pajamas and not being able to indulge in my routine Target hauls like I’m used to. I was able to throw some clothes on this past weekend to run some errands so I made sure I snapped some pictures to make this post so here it goes.

Y’all remember when Beyoncé dropped her IVY Park line partnered with Adidas and literally sold out within minutes? I was lucky enough to grab not one but two items all thanks to the Adidas app! If y’all don’t have it by now I suggest you get it. My reason being, you get exclusive passes to shop and can register for drawings for popular items like Yeezy’s and in this case IVY Park.

I was able to shop for IVY Park during a pre launch exclusively for people that registered and had the app for 30 minutes the day before the official launch day. All notifications about the pre launch were push notifications through the app and you have to be extremely attentive. I got the notification and was prompted to enter my code to participate. Below are my correspondence emails that triggered my participation.

Email about downloading the app for exclusive releases
Email about the pre launch.

The two items I was able to get were the IVY PARK NITE JOGGER SHOES that were $160 and the IVY PARK SOCCER JERSEY that was $55. Both items were technically sized in men sizes so they both ran a little big. For me, I wear a size 3 in kids and 5 in women so I got a 4.5 M/5.5W in the IVY Parks. My reason being, I know sometimes with Yeezy’s they say they run a little smaller so I’d rather the shoes be too big than too small. They were indeed a little bigger but with a sock they fit perfectly so I’m glad I sized up. In the Jersey I got an XS because that was also sized in men. That as well ran big but I expected that and was honestly the look I was going for so that worked out perfectly.

My overall thoughts about both items is that I liked them. I didn’t quite fall in love with the shoes when I first got them but they are super comfortable and grew on me! I wore them during a full day of grocery shopping and my feet didn’t hurt not one bit and that’s impressive! If Bey was to drop them again, I would definitely 9/10 recommend them.


The box the shoes came in (nothing fancy), a strap that came with them, & a close up of the actual shoe
Close up of the Jersey. Notice the IVY PARK on the wrist & my bomb 2 day old twist out.
I love how camo oddly goes with the shoes.
Close up of the outfit.
Another camo/sweat combination with the shoes and jersey. Disregard my tea cup lol

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