Keeping It Real… Estate: The Let Down

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Hey y’all! So these past couple weeks have been very eventful. I recently spoke with a friend about the situation I will detail in this post and he said, “when house hunting never fall in love with a home.” This last month, I’ve learned the hard way why that statement for many reasons is so true.

Let me back track. My partner and I found our dream building! We fell in love with it and started seeing ourselves in it the moment we saw it! It was literally in the location we wanted, the amount of units we wanted, completely renovated, and still made financial sense! We went into it ready to commit and our offer reflected it.

Initially, our offer was declined because they said they had a better offer. We’re we upset? Yes, livid actually but we knew this was the journey we chose to embark on so we accepted our rejection and continued our search. The next day, we got a call from our realtor basically telling us that the initial offer fell through and they were accepting our offer. Exciting right!? Yeah, we thought the same until the next day we were told they decided to go with a different offer instead. Y’all! In a matter of days my partner and I literally went on an emotional roller coaster with this building.

This post can go back to my other post about rejection that I made a couple of months back but rejection is real and never gets easier. I began to question our journey and wonder is this even what we want? I began talking myself out of it blaming the pandemic. I began to start researching taking the rehab route even though I went into it saying that was the last thing I wanted to do. I began to wonder if I didn’t impress the seller enough because this was a rare occasion where part owner was hosting the viewing. I had so many thoughts running rampant through my mind and none of them were positive.

In efforts to get back in a more positive mindset, I reflected on the good that came out of this let down. The most important being the fact that now we know we can agree on something LOL. It’s been a process trying to find a building that both me and my partner agreed on but this was the first one that we were both genuinely enthusiastic about.

So I guess our journey continues but we are continuing it more optimistic and motivated than ever. In this time of uncertainty we are living though with COVID, it’s easy to become less motivated about the entire process and honestly I do some days. I keep challenging myself though to think big picture about the perfect building being out there for us…..somewhere!


2 Replies to “Keeping It Real… Estate: The Let Down”

  1. So sorry to hear this happened to you! I agree this is the tough part about finding a home. After so much time searching, you finally find the home you love but you really can’t celebrate until the transaction closes. The deal can fall through at any moment.

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