Item of the Week: Oversized Denim Jacket

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Hey y’all! I’m back today to talk about an item I recently picked up that I’m obsessing over, my GAP Distressed Oversized Icon Denim Jacket!

I personally feel like denim jackets are so versatile because you can wear them during the summer in the morning or evening when it’s typically cooler out. You can wear it in the spring as an everyday jacket. & in the fall you can throw a hoodie underneath and wear it as a jacket as well.

Growing up, I really liked the tight denim jacket look, mostly because I felt like the tighter the better in all my clothes. As I got older, I’ve began to love a nice lose fitting article of clothing so it’s only right I transitioned to the oversized denim jacket look as well.

I picked this one up from GAP. Although the jacket was already made to be oversized, I still got it in a S opposed to my typical size which is a XS. I wanted the fit to be really oversized and I got just that! The jacket is priced for $89.95 but I got it on sale for $50. I did order it online and it only took about a week to get it delivered.

Overall, I love this jacket and would highly recommend if you’re in search for a nice iconic denim jacket to complete your outfits this summer, spring, & fall.

“When in doubt, wear a denim jacket.” -Unknown


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