Item of the Week: Work Blazers & Slacks

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Hey y’all! I’m here today to talk about my latest obsession….work attire! In starting my new-ish role (2 months in), I’ve been slightly intrigued with what I can do with my work attire. I’m not sure what this job sparked in me but I’ve been wanting to dress up! To put things into more perspective for you all, Jean Friday’s has always been my favorite day simply because of the jeans aspect.

With this new found obsession, it was only right I treat myself to some new pieces for my wardrobe to complete the looks I was envisioning for myself in my head. In doing this, I went to H&M and got a variety of different staple pieces for your everyday working millennial girl boss. These pieces mostly included new slacks (the quarantine 15 has been REAL), new blazers, and a few dresses when I’m feeling lazy. I spent about $300 but got a LOT for that! Today though, I will only focus on the slacks and blazers.

If you are more so on the petite side like me and struggle to find work pants that compliment your shape as well as your height… H&M is where to go! I love their slacks because it doesn’t require any alterations on my part. When choosing slacks I like the cropped look and H&M slacks definitely give you that.

This was my first time trying H&M blazers and I must say I am impressed! The blazers I got have a cut off sleeve that falls right above the wrist in which I actually like! They also have a good variety of colors that is cool to mix and match! I was wanting to do the same color blazer and slack look but unfortunately H&M didn’t have any combinations that included the more brighter colors like pink and orange.

To complete this look, I wanted to do a more casual look by the feet so I went in search of a cute white tennis shoe that can also be worn business casually. I ended with what I call the knock off Air Force One’s called Son of Force. I like these because they aren’t as bulky as the traditional Air Force one, more comfortable, and since I have such small feet I can get them in little kids and only pay about $30!! I couldn’t find a link for them because Nike no longer sells them unfortunately. A good alternative though are the Adidas Hoops 2.0 shoes that go on sale for about $20!! If I’m trying to be a bit more formal I’ll include a flat instead. I’ll make a post about work flats soon because we all know how hard it is to find a cute and comfortable work flat.

Below are three different looks on how to complete this look with either a flat or gym shoe!


“Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” – Karl Lagerfeld

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