Hey y’all! Today I want to dive right into it and talk through why heartbreaks, platonic and romantic, are very pivotal in your millennial girl boss journey! This post was inspired by a question I was asked during my book club with the question being…. If you could take back all your bad relationships.. would you?

I don’t know how you all would answer it but it’s a stern no for me! I don’t care how much stress, tears, or madness my past relationships brought me I would never take any of them back because despite all the negative things, I learned so much! I’m an advocate for the importance of learning the things you don’t like just as much as learning the things you do like. Whether it is your personal and professional life, you go through things that teach you the good, bad, and ugly and I’m here writing this post to tell you that’s ok sis!

Have you ever had a friend that puts up with a partner you would have been left? Or know someone that puts up with friendships that they should’ve been walked away from? I do, and I chalk that up to the fact they they quite literally don’t any better or haven’t made the active decision to choose better. Think about it for a minute… had you not successfully walked away from that man that consistently made you feel less than and toxic in all aspects would you be able to call BS as easily as can now? Had you not said so long to that friend that’s been hating from the jump would you still be able to spot a hater from a mile away? You see where I’m going? The more you go through things the more you learn to grow through things.

I know we all have that friend or possibly are that strong friend that unapologetically walks away from any and all situations that are no longer serving a purpose in their life. Ask them why and I bet they have a million and one stories about how they weren’t always like that. You don’t know about being strong until you’re put in a situation where all odds were against you and you still prevail! When I think of my darkest moments I think back to me literally fainting because I was so stressed out about a relationship I had no appetite! Y’all, even after that, I was still yearning for that relationship! It wasn’t until I proved to myself and was shown better did I see, wow I’m really out here being a goofy for no apparent reason. Y’all see where I’m going? I had to not only see it was better out there for me, I also had to believe I deserved better to actively choose better!

So for those millennial girl bosses out there that have went through a heart break, going through a heartbreak, or still in that honey moon phase with your first bae/BFF…it’s ok! Life teaches you the best lessons. You may not get them the first time… or even the second time but eventually, you’ll get it! To those strong friends, show grace because you weren’t always the strong friend! Practice empathy and continue to understand, your friend has to choose better for themselves… not everyone had a first bae or shady BF that humbled them and taught them to level up just yet!


“Remember what happened to you because it gave you perspective you would have never had otherwise. Remember the insecurities that created hurtful actions in your life so that you can avoid them in the future. Remember that you once felt so broken that you even questioned your sanity. It will help people in similar positions one day to realize they aren’t crazy, or maybe they are, but at least they are not the first to have been in that space before.” – Sarah Jakes Roberts

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