Keeping it Real…Estate: Sick and Tired of Waiting!

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Hey y’all! So I haven’t done a keeping real estate post in a while due to the fact that it’s still been a waiting game. I was speaking to my best friend the other day and she encouraged me to start back up because although I’m not going through much… my journey still matters and can be very consoling for someone that is also going through this process.

So….. to sum it up…. IM SICK AND TIRED OF WAITING!! I’ve been at it since February going strong and still being held up trying to find something that still makes financial sense. Every single property that I have put an offer on has had a multiple offer situation that later leads to my offer not getting accepted for either not being more than theirs or the opposing offer having a higher down payment.

My partner and I had a moment of vulnerability just last weekend and we asked the big question of, “should we lower our standards?” Y’all! When he asked me that question it kind of shook me because I’ve been thinking it but never wanted to say it. My partner and I went into this process with hard no’s and yes’s and in that moment we were like d*mn is our requirements to much to ask for?

After our moment of vulnerability, we then bossed back up and got real with ourselves and asked, “why are we rushing?” In this moment, both of us are very comfortable in the place we are at. We are able to save SO MUCH and really be in a great position when something eventually does come. The worse thing we want to do is rush into something simply to say we accomplished this goal. Due to this, patience is my word I’m claiming in this process. What’s meant for me is already mines so I’m no longer rushing this process.

In the mean time, I’m manifesting a close or contract by the close of this year so y’all pray for my patience and peace in this process because it’s humbling me!


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