Hey y’all! I’m back today to write a post I never wanted to write… my closest home girl is leaving me and I’m not ok!

To give a little background, for those that know me they know we are a packaged deal in most instances. She’s been my roommate in college, my foodie in Chicago, my pedi partner, the only person in a kickback that keeps their mask on with me, my first supporter of my blog, and my mom when I get to lit. She’s quite literally my person and she’s moving over 1,000 miles away from me!

This isn’t news to me, and actually she’s been toying with the idea for years but she finally gave word to her job so it’s real y’all. Initially, I was a hater and she knows this. I was a nice hater but still a hater. Not long after I wallowed in my sorrows for a while, I had to check myself because I know what moving away from your home town can do for the soul from a personal level…. It molds and creates even doper millennial girl bosses so how can I hate on the level up I know she is about to embark on?!

Some may know this but some may not, I associate new years of life with a word or phrase that I want to or feel I am going to embody for that year. For you, I want that phrase to be EMBRACE IT. This year you will be put in some uncomfortable situations because everything will be new to you. From your environment, to your tribe, to your career EMBRACE IT SIS! The most uncomfortable situations provides growth and I’m here for that!

So in this journey, embrace new friends (but don’t get to friendly because you know I’m jealous LOL) because you’ll need a tribe to laugh and/or cry with. Embrace new romantic relationships that ignite a spark in you that you’ve never felt before. Embrace new career opportunities that may present themselves. Embrace change and being ok with letting things go that no longer serve you. Embrace those thoughts and dreams you’ve been toying with for the longest that you never found the time to do. Embrace everything you can because sis…. YOU DESERVE!

To close, I love you and I’ll miss you but I’m so proud of you for taking this leap of faith! To my roomie, the Meredith to my Christina, my sis, my Babekah I wish you nothing but the best! At first, it will be hard but do not give up or look back. You’ll doubt yourself and wonder if this move was even the right thing but it is so… EMBRACE IT! Everything that you said you’re going to do.. do that s*%t! I love you and will have a room waiting for you to move into when I have my kids so you can be my in home nanny!


“Good friends never say goodbye. They simply say “See you soon.” -Unknown

P.S. This post is dropping on her birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I’m so happy I was able to celebrate with you for all your events and I’m officially sitting my butt down because I AM TIRED! So happy you enjoyed yourself and I was able to take care of you for once.

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