SMB-Day: Officially Late 20s (27) Reflection Post

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Hey y’all! NEW SEGMENT ALERT.. SMB-Day! These post will be dedicated strictly to my birthday each year to include my letters to myself, birthday festivities, reflections, etc. Honestly y’all, I just wanted to do the most because I really feel like my birthday is quite literally the best day ever and everyone should be able to indulge.

For this post I want to do some reflecting! So full disclosure, every year it never fails in September, the month right before my birthday, I begin to feel very reflective. This is partially due to the fact that I attribute growing older to growing wiser and if I’m not doing that what am I doing? In this post, I’ll talk about what my reflections are this year and how I continue to be the sun in every situation I endure.

Public Health Bae

So if y’all have been following me, in year 27 I found my passion within my career! It came after being humbled and shown the grass isn’t greener on the other side but all in all it came! I’m doing the work I feel I was chosen to do and I am so happy and proud to be a black lady in public health literally walking my purpose. It is some days in my career I feel defeated but I attribute that to me simply being tired. Y’all, I went from one job to the next no break and haven’t had one since the new year. I’ve been GRINDING and to see the grind pay off has been nothing but pure bliss honestly truly!

Forever Bae

Now y’all know forever bae rarely gets featured but since I’m being reflective how can I not?! Year 27 has brought me and Forever Bae a new reality… CHICAGO US! Chicago us has not been easy at all. We’ve been figuring out how to fit in each other’s Chicago world and bickering more than usual. Although things haven’t been easy, I still easily choose him on even our hardest days! Can you believe this will be my first birthday in about 6 years that he isn’t in a busy season?! Oh the things we will get into!


Y’all I’ve been embracing new friends/associates and I truly appreciate it. I’ve connected with a group of like minded black women and we partake in Wine Down Wednesdays and have very intellectual conversations. They range from traveling, sex, relationships, identity, etc. & it really gives me Love Jones/Girlfriends vibes each week and I LOVE IT! For Year 27, that was one thing that I wanted to take head on and I’m so happy I did it! Being able to share a space with new like minded people is an experience everyone should endure.

Natural Hair

I cannot make a post about reflection without talking about my hair. Y’all! I LOVE MY CURLS! I had a protective style just recently and I was really struggling not being able to do my Sunday hair routines. I’ve become that person that thinks deep conditioning and new hair products is self care! In year 27 I closed out my year of no heat journey. Ever since then, I’ve committed to continue putting minimal heat in my hair and I’m honestly not mad at it. I love the personality my curls give me and very much so embrace the fact that… I AM MY HAIR!

Keeping it Real Estate

In year 27 I started my real estate journey. It’s been extremely frustrating but it’s teaching me patience. When I finally get this property, the housewarming will be lit and I can guarantee you that! If you’ve been following me, you know I’ve been at it since about February but I still haven’t secured one yet. I’m claiming year 28 be that year for me.

Sy.M.Ba Girl Boss Blog

Most importantly in year 27 I started this blog!!!! It has been so rewarding for me to share some intimate details with my millennial girl (and boy) boss tribe! I went from not sharing it with anyone, to sharing it with a selective few, to sharing on all my social media platforms, to going back to only sharing with myself and subscribers. LOL. I think what I’ve learned the most is, I’m doing this for me! Whatever else comes from it is a bonus but I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my ish! LOL. In learning that, I’ve become ok with doing this for me and who follows follows (thank you if you are truly!) I have this mindset because when I begin to include others in the process, I begin to notice my lack there of in interest. So I’m not committing to being more committed in this new year but I am committing to continuously giving y’all content that is for me by me!


“Whether or not you’re willing to admit, 27 means you’re finally in your late 20s. It can be a difficult time, when you still feel like a kid but adulthood is looming— and 30s right around the corner. Take a deep breath, because it’s going to be fine.” – Unknown

27 Year Old Bae! (Hair is the product of a wash and go)

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