Hey there beautiful! First off, Happy SMB-Day!! I see you glowing and growing. You’ve showed out this year and I must say I am impressed! I wanted to write this letter to you to share 28 things I admired about you this year to commemorate this new year for you.

  1. You found positivity in the most negative situations and if no positive was in that situation you became the positive. You are the sun!!!!
  2. Your confidence in yourself this year has made me smile on numerous occasions. Confidence looks good on you btw!
  3. Your humility in both platonic and romantic relationships has been unmatched.
  4. Your willingness to open up to new crowds and bring your authentic self.
  5. Your drive drove me crazy this year in all of the most positive ways.
  6. Sis, you finally mastered your wash n go and they look damn good if I do say so myself.
  7. Your perseverance in this real estate journey. I know you are very much so not comfortable! Despite this though, you have remained consistent & that I admire. Let’s claim this 4 unit in year 28 because you deserve.
  8. You’ve been practicing how to pace yourself when drinking and that alone deserves recognition LOL.
  9. You are a Sauntie!!!!!!
  10. You’ve been challenging people and I’m so here for this!
  11. Somehow mostly all of your closest platonic relationships have become long distant and I’m impressed with how you’ve managed to maintain and keep in touch.
  12. You and T have had to face many new realities this year but I’m here for you identifying when you’re wrong and apologizing.
  13. You have been forced to be the strong one in a lot of your relationships this year and your perseverance throughout is commendable.
  14. You paid your car off!!!!!
  15. You found your passion within your career.
  16. You’ve gotten better at accepting people for exactly who they are and in turn removed a lot of unnecessary stress.
  17. You’ve been reading more!!! I love how you can read a book and find more ways you can be an even colder millennial girl boss.
  18. You’ve been limiting your social media and really tapping into the whole idea of a private life being a happy life.
  19. You’ve been making your food pallet a little more diverse.
  20. You started to understand that if no one asks for your opinion you don’t need to give it.
  21. You’ve gotten better at keeping secrets although you still love a good spilling of some hot juicy tea.
  22. You finally got your passport and before all things Corona impeded the world, you had your very first out of the country trip booked.
  23. You’ve been being selfish with your time and you quite literally deserve all the time you’re saving for yourself.
  24. You’ve come to terms with a lot of different things that make you you. To some, it’s a negative and to others it’s a positive. But to you, it’s a IDGAF as long as you’re happy.
  25. You tried a couple of different ways to workout this year that neither worked out but I’m here for you taking that step! Hopefully this year you finally find something that works out with you.
  26. You’ve been getting a little thicker! I see that poke.
  27. You’ve been given a lot of bad news in this year that was hard to take on but you took all of it like a boss and handled it one day at a time.
  28. Last but certainly not least, you’ve been the most you I have ever seen. You have finally realized your worth in both professional and personal settings and that realization is exuded out of you in the most beautiful and elegant manner!

Each year, I know you embody a word or a phrase so for 28 let’s embody the phrase: Practice Grace! This phrase is not exclusive to others and should be intentional to include you. As we both know, you are your most harshest critic and you need to lighten up! Somehow in moving back to Chicago, you’ve been the most uptight I’ve ever known you. I can definitely see where it is stemming from but you cannot control everything! Hold others accountable for the things they say they will do and give it away. I’ve seen you put so much unnecessary stress on yourself but this year give yourself enough grace to know when enough is enough. You’re not perfect nor are you aiming for perfection. Be you. Be Kind. & Never settle for less than what you deserve!

To close, let’s cheers to 28! Claiming it to include more life, love, opportunity and experience because you deserve. ❤️


“To someone who touches each life you enter, spreading joy to everyone you meet: may the love and happiness you share with others return to you tenfold. I wish you many more happiest of birthdays!” – Unknown

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