Hey y’all! As we are nearing the end of October I figured it be nice to finally put out my SMB-Day Reflection post.

To start, when planning for my birthday it was already super hard because COVID is still very much so real and everything is super limited. So keeping COVID in mind, I figured a super cute glamping experience would be nice. I chose this theme because I wanted to relax but catch unlimited vibes at the same time. Did this happen? Yes! But not in the way I was going for or imagining.

So what did I end up doing? A staycation! I booked a hotel in West Loop and really just chilled and ate good food the entire weekend with forever bae! It was actually everything I wanted and I didn’t even know it.

Leading up to my birthday I was getting so much anxiety because I’m a planner and literally nothing was going my way so I practiced my saying for the year and just simply gave grace to myself to let things just happen. & they happened in the most cutest ways imagined!

10-09-2020 | Friday

My partner and I were able to do a sunset picnic which was super cute & simple! I know due to COVID a lot of people have been doing the fancy picnics but ours was simple involving a blanket, some wine, and Potbelly’s!

10-10-2020 | Saturday

I did some shopping downtown Chicago which was super cool because this is something I never do being a Chicagoan! Downtown is so overwhelming to me most times so it was cool to just be present and enjoy the scenery! For that evening, I just laid up and watched tv.

10-11-2020 | Sunday

I went to a R&B brunch. If you know me, you know I love all things R&B! Due to COVID, I was only able to invite 3 people but it was a cute intimate vibe I was grateful for. The brunch included bottomless mimosas and good food! Between the weather, my outfit, the food, and my tribe that partaked on my day it was actually perfect!

10-12-2020 | Monday

This day was actually a paid holiday at work so I had the day off! On my day off, I had dinner at Swift & Sons and got the best steak I’ve probably ever tasted. We went during the end of happy hour so our first round of drinks were half off and forever bae got to get some crab cakes off the appetizer menu half off so that was cool! For desert, I was able to get some Italian Ice from Miko’s and it was their last day! If you know me, you know I LOVE Italian Ice so this was probably highlight of my entire birthday weekend! We also had plans to get a couples massage this day which we ended up later doing due to miscommunication.

10-13-2020 | Tuesday | SMB-Day

Due to my vacation policy at work, I was being a working adult and went into the office on my actual birthday. After I got off though, I spent the evening with my parents eating pizza, making a wish, & blowing out the candles on my two birthday cakes!

All Days

To top things off, on all of these days my partner came up with the idea to take a shot at 10:13 every day leading up to my birthday. It was super cute because I got to incorporate my long distance friends into the mix and love on them virtually!

Taking my first shot of the week at 10:13!

All in all, was it anything in expected? No, but it was everything I needed & more! Until next year y’all!


“Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.” -Unknown

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