Hey y’all! Due to COVID I haven’t been able to take on a lot so I’m so excited to be back and sharing with you all new experiences Chicago has shown me. For this post I want to talk through all things WomanISH!

Ok, so if your anything like me you’ve probably been seeing information about this event all down your timeline but not quite sure what it was. So to describe it, it’s an experience! As you are walking through the 5 levels, you’re snapping pictures and asking yourself, what’s your ish?

Throughout the exhibit they highlight 12 different “ish’s” and honestly each setting is a super cool photo opp but also a learning opportunity because each ish exhibit shares an alarming statistic that highlights the disparities controversial topics involving men and women.

The 12 ish’s highlighted throughout the exhibit

Since COVID is still very much so real, they do have strict guidelines in reference to it requiring you to wear your mask at all times. You can remove when taking a picture but you are required to put it back on. You also have to schedule a reservation so they can do crowd control and the exhibit doesn’t get over capacity.

They also give you the option to purchase drinks. You get your drink from the basement and can only drink it either in the basement or on the first floor you cannot take it to any of the exhibits that require the escalator so drink fast or get your drink first and sip on it while you’re experiencing the basement and 1st floor. I got SelfISH and it was bomb btw!

All the cocktails offered

My advice if you go, time yourself well because you only truly get an hour to experience all 5 floors! When we went, we didn’t realize we were on a time crunch so we were staying in exhibits for way longer than we should have that later ended with us not being able to see all of the ish’s because our time was up. Once your time is up, they shut off all the music and staff pretty much clear everyone out so the next group can get in in a timely fashion because they are waiting outside.

Also, I know you are going for the pictures so you want to wear heels but make sure you have some flats to change into because this exhibit has you on your feet the entire time. To navigate from each floor there are stairs involved and going back and fourth can be hard on your feet. By the end of the exhibit, I had to go to the crocs store to purchase some crocs to change into! LOL.

So overall is the event worth the $50? I think so. Not only do you get bomb pictures to post on your social media you’re also learning and relating to all things women! If you’ve experienced WomanISH please leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts!


“There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.” – Madeleine Albright

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