Hey y’all! I’m back with another Let’s Talk Natural Hair post. Today, I want to talk about my most recent buy, the Q-Redew!

Ok so for everyone who was like me I know you’re probably wondering wtf is a Q-Redew? Well it’s a steamer that helps with deep conditioning, detangling, stretching, and a curl refresh if you don’t feel like washing it. For a few months I simply followed the company on social media but as of recently I finally broke down and purchased my own. My initial thoughts… I AM A BELIEVER!

So, I got it in August literally right before I was about to get a protective style so I was only able to use it once. My first time using it involved a simple deep condition to open up my pores so that my hair could actually retain the moisture. Not even going to lie, I didn’t even see the true benefit at first and honestly thought I wasted my money.

It wasn’t until I took my protective style down after having it for a little under a month did I become an official believer. As I was washing my hair, I had so much shedding and literally no brush was working to detangle my hair. After a couple of failed attempts at detangling, I finally pulled out my Q-Redew and it literally glided right through my very much so tangled hair. It left my hair smooth, shiny, and extremely manageable and I was very impressed!

Ever since then, I’ve been using it on a weekly basis mostly to help my hair retain moisture. I most times use it when I’m deep conditioning in lieu of my dryer. I’m not really sure if that’s the proper way but it works for me!

So if you have hair that’s hard to detangle, like to add a little volume to your braid out or twist out, or your hair doesn’t quite retain moisture, the Q-Redew is for you! Let me know in the comments if you’ve used it and what your thoughts are!


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