Let’s Talk Natural Hair: How to Achieve Fluffy Curls

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Hey Y’all! First thing first me and my natural hair have not been seeing eye to eye as of late lol. I’ve been trying all different styles and none were making me happy until one day I said to myself stretch your hair and try a twist out and y’all!!!! I was impressed.

So, I’m still working on using minimal heat so I used my Q-Redew to stretch my air dried hair and the results were so bomb! It was as if I blow dried it but the curls were super moisturized and sealed. I split my hair in 4 sections and went at it section by section. I’m upset I didn’t take a picture but I’m sure this style will be in my future so I will probably be updating this post to include a picture. *Update I’ve added pictures*

After stretching my hair, I put about 10 single strand twist in my hair and two flat twist at the front where my part was. The twist were super juicy starting out because they were already dry and the twist was really just there for definition. I did the twist on Tuesday afternoon and took them out Wednesday morning.

The results the first day were super cute but the definition for those front curls I personably would’ve preferred to be more defined. Due to this, I did a flat twist at the front on the first day and pinned it to the back to be a half halo crown.

Taking those less defined curls into consideration, when I did my maintenance overnight for the front curls I added a little water to the front twist only and made sure my flat twist was as tight as possible. For the rest of my hair, I followed the pattern from the twist of the previous night and twisted my hair accordingly.

By day two, I was completely obsessed with this look because I got way more definition in my front curls from adding the water. If you are looking for an easy go to winter look… look no further! These curls are so fluffy and I got so many compliments from the results! I’m now a believer and will definitely be incorporating these soft curls into my winter looks.

Do you all have any winter natural hair looks that you like to revert to for the colder days?


“Natural hair fiercely poppin’ on purpose.” – Stephanie Lahart

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