Hey y’all! I’m back and today is a very special day for me because it’s been 1 whole year I picked up my phone and started blogging. I really did it on a whim but so happy I started and it has evolved into what it is today. In the post I will talk through my blog goals and what I’ve learned in my year blogging.

So first thing first, building a website and a brand for yourself is not easy!!! I joined so many Facebook groups for bloggers to try and get insight but honestly I got overwhelmed, opted into WordPress premium, and called it a day. For my one year anniversary I had goals to do a complete rebranding but right now, all my funds are tied to this building so hopefully next year you’ll be reading my two year anniversary post via a new site with a dope brand!

Secondly, I hear all the time consistency is key so at first I did try to make post at minimum every Wednesday but I started to feel overwhelmed. These feelings came from not only having to write the post but also promote on my socials & interact with people. The social media outlet I chose to focus on the most was Instagram because that is where I had the most followers. Honestly, on IG even though I did have a somewhat decent following I still deemed myself as the ghost friend that likes but rarely post so for me having to plan at least 3 post a week really did a number on me. Due to this, I stopped posting and promoting on IG & deactivated my account. Yes I’m that dramatic. In this new year, I’m hoping to get back out there and be more consistent with my post and the promotion of my post on IG.

I started this blog with the intent to be raw and unfiltered but I wondered truly was I really succeeding at that. As an individual, I’m very private. I really go by the saying a private life is a happy life so shifting my way of thinking was hard for me. I would be in conversations with people and they mention something from my blog and I would get in my head about how they knew this piece of information about me forgetting that I shared it on the World Wide Web for everyone to partake in. That was a lot for me but I’m learning honestly it’s only a big deal because that’s what I make it. I have so much more I want to talk about on this blog and maybe year 2 will be the year I expose it…. but maybe not because baby steps!

Lastly, people will support you! Y’all, I cannot say this enough…. thank you! When I first started this blog only I had the link. After realizing how dope my post were I was like other people need to be able to indulge as well so I sent the link to friends who all told me the same thing… go public, the world needs this (ok being kinda dramatic with the world but you get it). So after much self convincing, I updated my IG page name to symbagirlboss (shameless plug), removed all previous pictures and started sharing on IG. Y’all the support was so real I legit could not believe it. People shared my post, interacted with my post, and even DMed me about how some topics personally resonated with them. I was overwhelmed with support and I truly felt and still feel the love anytime I post on my socials. This year plain and simple, I’ll do better.

So if you read a post, shared a post, heck even just clicked on the link in my bio…. THANK YOU! I’m going into the second year of blogging being cognizant of what I learned in year one and intentionally challenging myself to do better in a way that still keeps me sane. Cheers to another year with my millennial girl (and boy) boss tribe! ❤️


Over this year I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from friends of the blog and I wanted to share their quotes instead of others for this post. Enjoy!

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