Hey y’all! So for the past 6 months or so, I’ve been routinely seeing a dermatologist. My skin was getting so bad I figured it was time and honestly, it was the best decision I ever made!

So first thing first, I knew I wanted to see a black dermatologist so I inquired in black professional groups and with friends. I also did some some research on my own and I found the one. If you’re in the Chicago area I went with Hyde Park Dermatology and saw Dr. Collette Ara-Honore! She is all things black girl magic and super sweet!

As far as cost are associated, not even going to lie if you’re cheap like me… it is pricey at first because of the products you need to get but the staff at Hyde Park Dermatology was very good at giving me coupon codes and offering discount pharmaceutical companies. I think in total I spent about $165 and below is a cost breakdown:

Products Prescribed

**Some of the products are over the counter and some I needed a prescription for, the items that are over the counter I indicated it by adding a * and attaching the link to where you can buy the product!**

These cost vary as well. So for the prescription items I needed I’m still on the first tube. It’s so much that they give you and I use all of them for spot treatment and not my whole face. I can probably go a full half year without having to get another refill. I did though go ahead and refill my prescription because I’ve been told in the new year the price goes up drastically because of the insurance stipulations on coverage. The only thing I have to refill frequently are the Sumaxin wipes and Seysara because I only get a month supply and use them daily.

So getting into the routine I have a morning and evening routine. This routine changes throughout seasons because the Sumaxin wipes are extremely drying. When winter started to hit, I noticed dry patches on my face so I switched up my moisturizer and cleanser. Below you’ll find my morning and evening routine:

Morning Skin Care Routine

  1. Wash face with Sumaxin Wipe
  2. Put Nuac Gel over breakouts only
  3. Add moisturizer that includes SPF. In the summer I used Cetaphil Oil Controlled Facial with SPF. In the winter I used Cerave Hydrating Facial Lotion with SPF.

Evening Skin Care Routine

  1. Wash face with Sumaxin wipe in the summer. In the winter I use CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser to prevent drying.
  2. Add Tazorac Cream to break outs only.
  3. Add Triluma Cream to dark spots only with a q-tip.
  4. Take Seysara pill with water and food on my stomach.

Overall, it has worked! I will say it took me about three months to see results but I’m happy I did it. Below is my breakdown by month of progress and things I was going through.

Months 1 & 2

During these months I went through what my Dermatologist called the purge. During my very first visit she told me, “It gets worse before it gets better” and oh how true that was! I was breaking out in places I’ve never broken out in before, my dark spots seemed to be getting even more prevalent, and I saw a new bump almost daily. I was ready to say forget this but I persevered and made it during my next appointment, I told her my frustrations. She listened and let me know this is common and we will revisit next month.

Picture was taken August 10
Picture was taken September 15

Months 3 & 4

I finally started to see a change towards the end of September but I was still breaking out!! It was even worse because I started to break out on my cheek area as well and I’ve never broken out in these areas. I’m assuming it may be because we have to wear this mask everywhere but due to this she told me to stay with my regular routine and add the Tazorac Cream to the mix for breakouts.

Picture was taken October 18
Picture was taken November 16

Month 5

I finally think I’m getting to a point where I only have dark spots. I have very minimal breakouts and I haven’t even been eating as good as she mentioned. During my first visit she told me to cut back on dairy because that really can affect the skin and in months 1 and 2 I did but in month 5, I didn’t so I’m pretty shocked about the results. I’m hoping that during my next appointment she lets me know that I no longer have to take that pill because I HATE taking pills.

Picture was taken December 21

Overall, I really feel like that was the best move I’ve ever made. My skin is literally glowing and ironically enough I think it is positively impacting other issues I was having. So if you’re ever wondering should you see a dermatologist the answer is…. YES!


“I just want clear skin, full eyebrows, & $5 million!” -An Anonymous Boss Bih

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