I Got the 1st Dose of the COVID Vaccine!

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Before starting my post, I do want to give the disclosure that I am not a health care provider! Although I am a health care professional, my education and experience does not involve direct patient care. The experiences and information I will give in this post is truly just my documented thoughts and shouldn’t be taken as official healthcare advice.

Hey y’all! So I wanted to use this post as my daily journal to document my COVID vaccine experiences that I feel are attributed to receiving the vaccine.

For general background information, I got the first dose of of Pfizer vaccine on 1/12/2021 at around 12:30PM CST through my job. Since I work within a health system that is providing vaccines they are offering all employees the OPTION to take it. I emphasize option because my job is not requiring anyone to get it nor are they giving incentives to people for getting it.

As for process, I scheduled my appointment through our health services portal and was able to get an appointment fairly quick. On the day of the appointment of course I was nervous because like you reading this post, I had apprehensions. Those apprehensions being how new the vaccine was and simply being ignorant to the facts.

In efforts to combat this, I started to do my own research through identifying credible articles, listening to podcast from credible sources, and watching videos from experts in the healthcare field. I also connected with colleagues and health care providers that I personally know that have gotten the vaccine and could give realistic and accurate health care advice. In doing all of these things, I made the choice to get the vaccine.

That was my choice and I want to emphasize the fact that I am not writing this post to TELL you to get the vaccine rather documenting my personal experience because I feel representation matters! I am a black millennial (girl boss) that has a voice and a platform to debunk myths and provide raw insight on what the vaccine really is. If anything, I want this post to empower and challenge you to do your own credible research so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for you!

1/12/2021 (Day of Vaccine)

Nothing. Directly after getting the vaccine I was instructed to sit in the waiting area for 15 minutes so they could observe me and assure I didn’t have any immediate alarming reactions, I didn’t.

I was waiting for my arm to start becoming sore because I heard that was the biggest complaint with the first dose. The soreness started very mildly at around 5PM CST but wasn’t sore enough for me to even consistently recognize or complain about.


I woke up at about 5AM (I’m an early person) and the soreness kicked completely in. I don’t like pain and I’m dramatic so of course I’m complaining about it. For someone who has a high pain tolerance it’s nothing but for me I’m like wow is my arm falling off or what!? In reality I can compare the soreness to a really good workout after you’ve been out the gym for a while but only in the area where your vaccine was injected. If you get the flu shot it’s a tad more sore than that but still super bearable.

PRO TIP: Get the vaccine in your less dominant arm. I was told this one year I when I got the flu shot and have been doing it ever since.

At around 5PM until I went to sleep at 10PM the arm soreness was at its worse. Still not to bad to where I couldn’t touch it or had to take something for it but I was noticing it every-time I moved my arm. I also randomly starting feeling a little tingle/soreness in my left thigh. Not sure if it’s related to the vaccine or not but I felt I should document that too.


Left arm and thigh still sore. Not as bad though. I can tell it’s wearing off. The pain isn’t bad because I still slept comfortably on my left side.

Ok, it’s 3PM and I have little to no pain anymore. When I press down on it I can still feel the soreness but when I stretch or move my arm I don’t feel a thing. Tomorrow I foresee myself being completely fine.


Nothing. I feel completely back to normal. Only time I feel anything is if I intentionally press down on the area I got the vaccine injected.


In addition to the feelings from yesterday, when I lift my arm it’s still a tad sore but nothing crazy.


Nothing. No soreness anywhere. Completely fine.

I’m scheduled for my second dose on 2/2/2021 and I’ll do a part two post to this one. To be completely transparent I’m a little more nervous about the second dose because I’ve heard people getting mild COVID like symptoms after taking it for at minimum 24 hours. If that’s the case for me, I’ll let you all know!

In the meantime, if you are wanting to do your own research, here are a health care providers that are using their personal IG pages to share credible information about the vaccine. These were sent to me (Thanks Dominique) and I wanted to be sure to share with everyone!


“Let’s normalize hesitancy to take a new vaccine. Shaming people who have questions will not encourage uptake. Skepticism is especially salient for Black people, for whom centuries of mistreatment and harm from systems meant to serve and protect have engendered mistrust.” – Dr. Eugenia South

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