Hey y’all! Today I want to speak about my current favorite black owned luxury handbag, Telfar! These bags are created by the one and only Telfar Clemens and can be referred to as the Bushwick Birkin. If the fact that it’s black owned and the nickname compares itself to a Birkin didn’t already have you sold, I also want to throw in there that it’s also genderless!! Due to all of these components, that makes the competition even more competitive because everyone is out to get one! So today I’m here to help you be the bestie with the Telfie and provide steps on how to secure a Telfar bag from my experience!

Step 1: Sign up for emails and create and account on the telfar website and follow them on social media platforms. Instagram has been the best outlet to follow them on because they seem to post there the most.

Step 2: Wait wait wait. Now that you follow them on your chosen social media platform (or all) you’ll get notified of the drops. Most times they are 9AM EST and you get a few days in advance notice so keep your coin ready!

Step 3: Set your alarm! When you see your bag of choice and you want to try and get it, make sure you’re alarm is set for the right time zone!! This is specifically important because I know a lot of people miss out on them because they log on literally 2 minutes after the drop. No lie, I tried to get white on the most recent drop and it sold out in one minute so time is of the essence!

Step 4: Make sure your Apple Pay or Auto Fill card it set up if you have an iPhone. By doing this, it makes it so simple to quickly click and secure the bag when purchasing. When I was trying to get black I was doing to much trying to pay through Pay Pal and quite literally fumbled the bag. Ever since then, Apply Pay is my go to!

Step 5: If you are like me and like 4 installment payments, set a one time card up with Klarna and save the card number to your auto fill cards so that you’re not typing the numbers in while in checkout.

So far, it’s only been two bags that didn’t work out for me and that was because I did not follow these steps. Don’t let the sold out status fool you. Telfar has been dropping bags almost once every other week you just have to be following them on social media to get the updates.

Also, if you can please save your coin to give to that black owned business themselves! I see so many people reselling these bags and that really pisses me off because the actual Telfar brand started on the premise of being, “NOT FOR YOU — FOR EVERYONE!” So if you can’t get one during the release, I recommend getting one when they have their bag security program in which you can shop the bags and get as many as you want in whatever color you want for a day. The only catch is you have to wait about 6-8 months until you actually receive it. They haven’t released when the date will be this year but judging from the Instagram comments they are saying it will be soon!

Happy Shopping & let me know if you’ve secured one!


“Not only do women hold up half the sky; we do it while carrying a 500-pound purse.” -Gina Barreca

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