Millennial Landlord Chronicles: The Blueprint

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Hey y’all! So I’m three weeks into being a landlord and boy has this been hectic! In these first three weeks I’ve been humbled with thinking I know everything and realizing I truly know nothing. I’ve had to set up utility accounts, get estimates on security systems, jacked my credit I worked so hard to maintain up, taken a hit on my savings, contracted with a leasing agent to get my vacant apartments rented, set up a business account, been to Lowe’s way to many times, and the list actually continues! Sis is TIRED! Do you hear me!? Tired!

No one warned me about all of this and this brings me to why I’m here today…. NEW SEGMENT ALERT: Millennial Landlord Chronicles. I wanted to start this segment because I know if I’m tired my other fellow millennial landlords are too! Our generation is such a unicorn in a sense that we are truly claiming any space we want to occupy and figuring it out when we get there. This is me with being a landlord because no blueprint was given here. It’s me finding groups on FB that share landlord information. It’s me tapping into the few contacts I’ve made to get referrals for different services I need. It’s me on the phone for hours with ComEd trying to figure out why I still don’t have my dang meters. It’s me! It’s me! It’s me! You see the trend!? ME!! Although I’m lucky enough to have my partner who has taken on the role of property manager and handyman (he’s very serious about these titles btw LOL), a lot of the more administrative duties I have taken on and I truly feel it be important to be transparent and share these experiences.

I want to share these experiences to provide representation of black millennials being landlords and highlighting both the benefits and struggles. I’m so big on normalizing everything not being ok because just as I’m going through it so is the next person but just as we are going through it someone else reading my post has gotten through it and would be able to help the both of us! For that reason alone, I share!

In this day in age, I see so many people jump into the investment property game and don’t realize it’s a whole new job. It requires patience, relationship building, critical thinking, money management skills, etc.. Being a landlord never stops! So in the posts within this segment, I want to be as transparent as possible with y’all so you can see if this is something you truly want to do! I want to expose the idea that being a property owner in general has more negatives than positives in some moments and being ok with that! It will be times when I have a roof leaking, problematic tenants, or an unexpected expense and through all of them I’m hoping to share how I worked through them with y’all!

So please y’all, subscribe to my blog to get all these gems I plan to drop. Be patient with me though on the releases because I’ll probably be having mini panic attacks frequently because of the new role I’ve just taken on. I know y’all low key still waiting on part two of my COVID Vaccine post but long story short I’m alive and living my most lit hot girl summer all 2021!


“Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking or economising” -John Stuart Mill

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