Hey y’all! It’s been a while I know and I honestly don’t have any excuses. I wanted to come back and share some quick updates on my life and talk through the current energy I’ve been exuding as of late.

So first thing first, I got a new job! I know I know it seems like just yesterday I made my Rejected or Projected? post announcing my previous role yet here we are again. Honestly y’all, I wasn’t even looking for a new job, a recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn and the rest is history. This role is VERY different from my roles in the past because I’ve transitioned out of the public health space but so far so good! I’m learning a lot and I think it aligns perfectly with where I want my career to go.

Next, it’s summertime chi! If you’ve never experienced a summer weekend in Chicago I highly recommend because they are top tier and the city is honestly beautiful! Since starting my new role, I go into the office on Wednesday’s so Ive been doing rooftop Wednesday’s every week. It’s been such a great moment for me to reconnect with old friends and just really embrace the beauty of Chicago!

I made a vow to myself that I was going to summer like I’ve never summered before and I’ve stuck to it. It’s been expensive but well worth it! I’ve enjoyed being able to dress up, get cute, explore the city, and meet new people! I’ve really been giving that girl era this entire summer and I love that for me.

I’ve talked in the past about how I’ve been so hard on myself when it comes to achieving goals and not taking in the fruits of my labor but y’all I’ve completely debunked that this summer. I’ve taken a step back from the reality of adulthood (the most responsible way I could) and choosing to live my life unapologetically.

This entailed changing the way I thought about a lot of things, the biggest being finances! I’ve told y’all in the past, saving all my money is me lol. If I’m not anything I’m a saver but y’all, I had to realize me saving all my money is nice in theory but what life am I living penny pinching off the little allowance I gave myself? This was probably the hardest but once I started using my credit card instead of my debit card and paying it off each month, my mindset changed a little. It’s something about not spending all your money in the moment and getting points for spending that really sits well with me!

I also had to open up to experiencing new people and embracing my current friendships on a more deeper level. I’m very guilty of only experiencing my friends very surface level which mostly entailed a check in via social media or text every now and then but never that face to face interaction. I’ve been more intentional about showing up to events, having 1:1 time with people, and even intentionally setting time aside to at minimum have at least one nice date with my bestie and man per month. I’ve also been embracing new friendships and actually making things come to fruition outside of text.

Lastly, I’ve been being more honest in therapy. I feel like I’ve told you all this but I’ve been in therapy for about a year now and I’ve been very strategic up until recently. To break down strategic, I’ve been going in with a game plan as to what I wanted to talk about and extremely cognizant on what I didn’t not realizing that what I didn’t want to talk about was what I really needed to be breaking down. I hate having hard conversations but I’ve been trying y’all! I’ve also been more intentional of sharing my faults in a situation as well as the other persons faults so I can get a better understanding of why I reacted the way I did/do in situations.

All in all, in the words of the great Issa Rae, it’s feeling like me season! I’m unapologetically choosing me y’all and I recommend y’all do the same because I love it here! Love y’all!


“ The moment I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it.”Drake

Funny story behind this picture. The guy who took it didn’t speak English and we communicated via Google translate. He snapped though so shout out to him!

One Reply to “That Girl Era!”

  1. I see ya looking beautiful and built!!! Keep running the marathon… PUT GOD FIRST in everything you do Lil sis and EVERYTHING will be added onto you. Love ya🥰🥰🥰


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